‘Good to know’ – benefits of sobriety on your health and lifestyle

Quitting or moderating your drinking is the best care you can give your health and enhance your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, elevate your self-esteem or save some dollars – there’s so many win/wins when you quit or modify your drinking.  

The longer you go without alcohol, the better it is for our health. And with that comes changes for a better to your lifestyle. 

While you’re resetting and making changes to how much alcohol you consume, we’ve created this helpful chart to keep you on track for your goals.  

Download, print and pop it on your fridge to remind yourself what you stand to gain! 

Not drinking alcohol is good for your health 

  • Improves your body’s chance of absorbing vitamins and minerals 
  • Enriched quality of sleep  
  • Enhanced nutrition   
  • Clears your brain, strengthening recall, memory and thinking skills  
  • Improves your blood flow and gives your skin a healthier complexion 
  • Decreased dehydration effects  
  • Lessens risk of breast cancer  
  • Is easier on your gut, with less stomach irritations 
  • Boosts your immune system 
  • Lowers risk of cancer  
  • Reduces the amount of fat in your liver
  • Lowers your blood pressure and risk of heart disease  
  • Stabilises and boosts your mood 
  • Eases depressive or anxious feelings 
  • Better mental health  

Not drinking alcohol is good for your health

Not drinking is good for your lifestyle 

  • Boosts your chances of bonding with others 
  • Contributes to your ability to focus on family related issues and relationships  
  • Improves employability opportunities and any job-related issues  
  • Strengthens intimacy  
  • Re-prioritises your financial stability and focus 
  • Reconnects you with your personality which isn’t masked by alcohol  
  • Creates room for goal setting and achieving dreams   
  • Promotes physical activity further improving your health quality  
  • Leaves you feeling empowered that you can be in control of change  

Not drinking is good for your lifestyle

And in case you need a pep talk today …. 

 Sober mantras from our friends to live by:  

‘Alcohol not only numbs the bad, it also numbs the good.’ 

‘Sobriety is a real privilege. Be happy and proud!’ 

‘Sobriety is self-love’ 

‘Not drinking is cool and sophisticated’ 

‘One day at a time’, or ‘One hour at a time’, or ‘one minute at a time’ 

‘It’s so good that you take such loving care of yourself!’ 

‘You’re not missing out. The only thing you’re missing out is hangover’ 

‘Whatever happens, don’t pick up (a drink)’ 

‘Look how far you’ve come, don’t give up!’ 

Sober mantras in your pocket

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  • I love all these reminders of the benefits of not drinking or cutting back.

    By Rachael
    April 23, 2022
  • I’ve been pretty much sober for 5 years but the addiction is still there. I often find my brain tries to trick me in to just having the odd drink when socialising. Thank you for these reminders. There are no positives to drinking.

    By Mark Dive
    April 23, 2022
  • Great information I cannot wait for those health benefits of good health. I have been sober now a few weeks. I do not feel like myself, and of course the craving is still there, but I’m hanging in there.

    By Yolanda
    April 24, 2022
  • Nice post, you explained everything very nicely. Good to be here. In past, I indulged in drinking that causes my gut health issues and I have to go through a colon cleanse. After that, I suggest everybody not to drink because it is not only harmful to the liver but to all body. Thanks for this kind of useful information.

    By Seanvale
    September 15, 2022
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