Helpful Resources

Our Daybreak community is very supportive, encouraging and resourceful – they are constantly offering suggestions for getting over the first few hurdles in giving up alcohol or in staying sober. 

It’s not easy to cut back or give up something that’s incorporated into your daily dinner, socialising, or relaxation routine. We know how hard it is for the community and our Daybreak members to change their relationship with  alcohol, but we also know the huge benefits that come from a life with less or no booze; weight loss, mental clarity, no hangovers, peace of mind, and much more time to focus on your goals.

See below for a compilation list of resources for everyone seeking help in giving up or reducing their alcohol use:

Books about giving up alcohol

By Jill Stark

By Annie Grace

By Sarah Hepola

Documentaries, TV series and Movies to help you give up alcohol

Produced by HBO Documentary Films (2015) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) of the National Institutes of Health (USA), Risky Drinking is a no-holds-barred look at the drinking epidemic, through the intimate stories of four people whose drinking dramatically affects their relationships.

In the ‘High on Alcohol’ special edition of ‘Drugged’, viewers were presented with a story that was both a tragedy and a cautionary tale. Ryan, a 28-year-old, drank three pints of vodka a day. Ryan turned to alcohol when his father, who was dependent on alcohol, passed away four years ago.

Drinking to Oblivion

By Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux heads to Europe’s largest liver transplant centre where he sees the physical side effects of alcoholism and learns about the challenges doctors, patients and patients’ families face, in trying to treat it. 

Addicted Australia is a bold, brave and innovative Australian television first that shines a light on a growing crisis affecting millions of Australians – addicts as well as their families and loved ones – in a deeply powerful and personal way.

Alcohol-Free Alternatives

Looking for alternatives to alcohol? Whether it be premade, or a twist on a classic favourite – these are some of the best alternative alcohol-free drinks that we’ve heard about.

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