5 steps to creating the perfect vision board

Maybe you’re exploring changing your relationship with alcohol, or maybe you already have.
Part of the process of change means you need to look at your current lifestyle and all the aspects of your health, mentality and relationships. When you notice that things need to change in order for you to be happier and healthier, it can help to create a vision of what this will look like. How do you see your life after you make some changes? What is it that you need and want in your new life?

What is a vision board?

A vision board or a dream board is something people create to manifest anything into their life from a better job, to more travel. To see something visually can help you get an understanding of what you want and help you to work toward seeing those things into fruition.

When we visualise our desires, it can help to get us used to feeling as though we already own it. If we want something, and we can picture it, we already do kind of “have it” in a way and this might influence our direction in life. It’s also a great creative activity for those who don’t necessarily see themselves as ‘creative’ or an ‘artist’ as you can simply just cut and paste!

Step one: Collect your material

Gather up some old magazines, print images you like off the internet, collect stickers or business cards, brochures, coloured pens or glitter glue. Basically anything that will help you make your board truly yours and something inspiring to look at. Find a board that will work for you. Some people have huge vision boards that take up half their wall, others like to create A4 boards to put up above a desk. The size of your board is up to you, as you might like some big cut-outs, or you may want lots of little images.
You’ll also need glue, blue tack and anything to stick the images on the board.

Step two: Let yourself be drawn to what inspires you

When flipping through the images and words in the magazines or the internet, different images will jump out at you and you need to determine what you really want. Through this process, you are essentially creating an image of your new life. Do you want romance? You could cut out a photo of a couple having a beautiful moment during a sunset and stick hearts around the outside. Do you want to spend more time with your family? Glue down or draw some pictures of happy families. Is your current goal to start eating better? Try finding some images of fruit and veggies to remind yourself of this intention.

Step three: Lay it out and stick it down

It helps to gather all the images, word cutouts and material for the board and place it all down first before you glue. This helps give you an idea of what the board is going to look like. It is harder to rearrange once they are stuck!

Step four: Put it up somewhere you will see often

Either in your room, your bathroom, above your desk; wherever you are going to see it as much as you can to remind yourself of what you want to attract into your life.

Step five: Sometimes magic happens

Vision boards are an awesome way to lay out what you want to attract. It is really quite remarkable to look back at these boards months down the track and notice if any of the things you included have happened or improved.

Need some more guidance? Check out this short Youtube clip from the book and documentary ‘The Secret’ on how to make a great vision board and why they can be effective.


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