How to balance alcohol and travel

Grog and Travel have long gone together about as naturally as the other G&T. From beachside beers in Thailand to crowded pub crawls in Prague, alcohol makes an appearance in almost every holiday plan. And to some degree, throwing back a few beers at the hostel bar really can seem like the perfect formula for bonding with fellow travellers. But when drinking becomes the focal point of your travel activities, it can quickly feel like you aren’t making the most of your time away. Not to mention the hangovers, all the more agonising when you have to wake up for that early morning hike.

The challenge of saying Hello Sunday Morning as a booze traveler I just wanna go out … Just one, maybe? Just one?

Tips to cut back as a booze traveler

This week we challenge you to review your travel drinking habits in our latest animation. Making the decision to take it easy with alcohol during your travels, or even taking a break altogether, can be really difficult, but it may well lead you to discovering the perfect Sunday morning. So we’re here to help you make the choice, maximising both time and money to spend on incredible travel experiences.

This is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone

Say Hello Sunday Morning as a booze traveller even if it means going to another art gallery Another gallery … I don’t get it. Do I need a drink, to get it?

Try new activities and seek new horizons. Watching the daybreak from a mountain top, hiking through the rainforest or making the most of local museums are just a few examples of rewarding alcohol-free activities to try out.

Focus on learning about regional cuisines

I mean, who doesn’t travel with the intention of eating your weight in local cuisine these days? Just take it up a level!

And while you’re at it, why not get a taster of local non-alcoholic drinks. You could even make your way through a list of national soft drinks. One of our greatest senses is taste. Dive in the deep end and explore the palates of the locals, which comes with the unparalleled opportunity to bond with friends and meet new people. I mean, who doesn’t travel with the intention of eating your weight in local cuisine these days? Just take it up a level!

Tuesday, I swear I ate every pizza in the city. Hello Sunday Morning booze traveler Why couldn’t I find a good pizza? Didn’t these guys invent it?

Prepare for the day

It may seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly difficult to do. Trust us. A great life-hack for feeling great at the end of a huge day exploring, or, you know, melting away on the beach, is to keep snacks and trusty ol’ H2O in your back pocket. It’ll keep you hydrated and is well known to curb your hankering for a brew or six.

Consider for a minute why we travel in the first place. Be it to relax, learn new things or meet interesting people, alcohol is not really necessary for any of these things.

Bring it back to the present and see how much you can squeeze out of your holiday. Say Hello/Hola/Ni Hao to Sunday morning.

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