That was the *clever* title of our unsent press release  for the HSM team we entered into the Bridge to Brisbane race. Adam (FRESH MD) came up with it and was so proud of himself that I wanted to slot it in somewhere. Ta da. 

This is a short post, I just wanted to make a few comments on the amazing turn out we had for the Bridge to Brisbane race!! 

Bridge to BrisbaneSome of us knew each other. Some of us were friends and boy/girl friends that were roped in. Some of us we’re randoms that I met out and convinced them that going for a 10k run on Sunday morning was ‘their thing’. However, whatever the impetus there we were –  6am at the top of the bridge looking fabulous and ready to spank that fun run like a dutch sailor. 

As big as our HSM team was, we were only 1 in 1000 people! 45,000 people did the race!! That’s massive. It’s so inspiring to see how good stuff like excersise can permeate popular culture. Kind of like how everyone went to see Daft Punk last year and we had a population of new Daft Punk fans. Guilty. Don’t judge. 

As for us, I hope that we can eventually do that through Hello Sunday Morning, as it evolves, through providing opportunities for young people that makes doing healthy, constructive things – ‘cool things to do’.

Lastly, I just want to do a special shout out to Chris Ruddock (our team capitan). He was the man behind getting those 45 smiles in the photo above. Legend. Him and I both want to get some more of these things going – so people, look forward to us hassling you!! 

To see more photos from the race scroll down to the photo section on the Hello Sunday Morning – FB Group!


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  • Nice bro.
    Wish could have been there.


    Need to intergrate DISQUS into HSM.
    Easy to do. Allows to you track all your comments etc etc

    September 1, 2009
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