Friday Afternoon Fever

Its Friday afternoon. For most of you reading, those three little words ‘it’s Friday afternoon‘ (especially if it actually is Friday afternoon) no doubt conjure up images of the imminent social excesses you are about to experience over the weekend. Me too.

Even though I’m not drinking, those three little worlds, ‘it’s Friday afternoon’, are just as intoxicating to my silly sober brain as they are to the next man. There are few things I enjoy better than a great night like this; having a few knock off drinks, going out to an incredible gig, dancing as bad as I can with as many people as possible, maybe meeting a few girls then going to bed with a kebab in hand and a smile on my face.

Even if I do get a little drunk and wake up a little stiff the next morning. It’s a pretty damn fun thing to do anyway.

I used to have the perception that none of the aforementioned good times were actually possible without drinking (in a lot of instances the truth is that they still probably aren’t) but the cool thing that has happened over the past two months is that the gap is closing between the fun I used to have when I was pissed vs. the fun I’m having going it sober. So good times. 

On the flipside, I know for a fact that sometimes I used to also drink for the wrong reasons. Like low self-esteem, feeling tired, low confidence – pretty much the usual suspects. It used to be easy. Feel tired, drink, feel energetic. Feel down, drink, feel good. etc. etc.
Now that I’m not drinking to numb out from those ‘self-made’ issues, the cheeky things are rearing their little head in some unexpected places. Like the occasional cigarette I have now seen myself having when I’m out to connect with someone or the 2 or 3 red bulls I have to ‘perk me up’ when I get tired and don’t feel like talking to people. 

I think the biggest lesson I’m learning learning from HSM is growing my awareness of these dysfunctional patterns when I start to do them unconsciously. I have a few wins each day, as well as many fails (up to cup 4 of coffee today) but in the main I am becoming more and more cognizant of when I’m doing it. 

So I guess the insight for this weekend is to have a look at your behaviours, drinking or otherwise, and when it doesn’t feel right in your gut, ask the question ‘Do I really need this? Will it be good for me in the long-term?’  ‘Why do I feel like getting really, really drunk right now?’
Anyway, on that note, enjoy yourself this weekend!

And to all those who keep asking… Yes, Kebabs are still amazing when you are sober. 


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  • Nice one Bulldog. You are so so so right. Kebabs are amazing.

    By Andy
    March 6, 2009
  • This is so true I now have a name for how I am feeling on Friday when I am thinking about all my friends leaving work and heading straight for the local to buy some alcohol and start unwinding from the week of work. Friday Afternoon Fever:
    Feeling very sorry for myself for not drinking alcohol
    Buy a couple of red bulls or V to try and get a hit
    Have a few cups of coffee
    Eventually accept that I will be sober for another Friday night

    Saturday morning:
    Wake up and feel great, no hangover

    By Susanne
    June 14, 2009
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