Gym Sauna Revelations

By 8am this Sunday morning I have planed my day put on my phone already. Gym, work, visit grandpa, help grandma, even watching the tennis is written in my calendar. Who the f does that?! haha

The gym is expectedly bare at 8am on a Sunday. There is one other person my age, she looks like she has some issue with being skinny and is probably there as soon as it opens, every day. 

After my work out, sitting in the sauna I was doubled over, squeezing the double handfull of fat that resides on the bottom of my stomach. Well, I dont particularly like that about my body. Call me superficial, but I want to be ‘toned’ as they say. Who doesn’t?

Then it hit me. I think I understand a bit more about why people binge drink.

The reason why we binge drinking is that we lose accountability. There are a whole magazine full of issues that we seem to create for ourselves in the context of society. You might be fat, pimply, socially inept, unfit or afraid. These are all choices that people make every waking minute about their lives and about their identity. Drinking is a great way to change the way we think about our identity, even for a brief moment.

So not drinking, that ‘minimize’ option seems to be removed.

Let’s take that unwanted spare tyre around my belly. I look at that and think to myself, ‘is this something that I really want on my body? If I had my ideal body, would this be here?’ Of course not. But that is my current reality. I feel like, because I am constantly in my conscious reality, I constantly question if it is the one I want to be in.

 Are the choices I am making for myself representing the person that I want to be?

It seems to me that sobriety (or at least keeping in a conscious state) is the hard liquor of reality. It’s hard to swallow and more often than not, hot, awkward and very sticky. But I think when it boils down to it, its worth it.


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  • Hey mate,

    It’s really interesting to consider how easy it is to ‘change’ yourself into someone you aren’t when you have had a few, in comparison to when you are sober. It takes a hell of a lot more guts and will power to do it when you’re straight. I think sometimes people use booze to do things that they wouldn’t normal do. And then they can also use it as an excuse if they cock it all up and make a fool of themselves.

    Boozing as a way to cover up who you really are?

    By Simon
    February 1, 2009
  • Hola Christo

    Just a quick note to make – I was listening to the radio yesterday (the wonderful Hamish and Andy) and they had a segment on what you have done to get something for free. Hamish and Andy had been to a Mexican restaurant where if you bought a 1.4 L glass of margarita you would get a free sombrero. A guy rang up and said that he has been to a pub where if you drank 12 Corona’s in one sitting you would get a free hammock. It made me think about how alcohol promotions encourage binge drinking in Australia, not only is it a ‘social’ thing between friends, but bars and pubs are getting in on it by offering rewards for drinking excessive amounts of alcohol! Just something to think about!

    Elephant stew!

    By Sammie
    February 6, 2009
  • Hey,

    This alcohol promo thing is huge. The amount of times I have had ppl (guys especially) brag about how many drinks they had to have in order to win some stupid hat from some mega babe is crazy, especially when you consider how many ‘hats’ get given out at these events. I once did an alcohol promo for TEDs and the guys got so drunk trying to win it got the the stage where u gave them a hat so they would get their hands off you. Promos encouraging ppl to drink to excess are pretty irresponsible. But hey, its working for them so why would they stop??

    I also have to admit that I am a big time victim of drinking to feel more confident about yourself and your dancing abilities haha… what has this world come to!


    By Kailyn
    March 2, 2009
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