Andy Moore (CEO) Reflects on 2022

With another year come and gone – what a year it has been!  As I reflect on 2022, it’s clear there have been many great achievements.   

I am extremely proud to say in 2022, Hello Sunday Morning’s Daybreak program welcomed an additional 10,000 new members.  

Bringing our community to a total of 120,570! 

It’s through this supportive & non-judgemental community, we can help each other to change our individual relationship with alcohol. Whether it’s wanting to cut back on drinking or quit completely. 

Throughout the year we have received many stories of lives being changed, soberversaries celebrated and commitments to changing for the better. You inspire us all!

However, this is not to say that the year has not brought with it many obstacles. 

As we adjust to a new post COVID world, it’s not a surprise that many Australians are still struggling with alcohol. And the statistics are sobering. Alcohol related deaths jumped to the largest amount in a decade. And that’s off the back of an increase from the previous year. The cost of alcohol related harm is in the region of $22.6 billion (yes billion) in 2021. 

This has meant there has been a significant increase in demand for services. 2022 saw about half a million people trying to get into programs in Australia. 

Christmas is a challenging time for people struggling with their drinking. Christmas parties, Christmas at home and then we’re into January with the weather and the long weekend at the end of January.  

But what does this mean for us?

It means we need to do more. Here at Hello Sunday Morning, we must double down on our efforts to improve reach and access for all who are needing the help.   

As an independent run charity, for us to continue providing our program for free such as Daybreak for Australians – we need your support now more than ever. Whilst we receive some government funding, a large proportion of our program is only made possible by your donations. We rely on the financial support of generous people such as yourself to help all those who turn to us for assistance. 

If you can afford a small amount and you are not going through your own struggles, please think about giving to us this holiday season. 

Donate today

On a last note, I would like to thank our Hello Sunday Morning staff, corporate partners, donors and you our community for your continual work and commitment. I am extremely proud to work day in and day out with a team of people – who are tirelessly committed to helping our community develop a healthier relationship with alcohol. The fabric and success of Hello Sunday Morning is due to our employees and in 2022, we have enjoyed many achievements. I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm and commitment. 

From my family to yours and from all of us at Hello Sunday Morning. I wish you a safe holiday season and a happy New Year. 

Andy Moore 


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  • Good on you, Andy. You and the team are doing tremendous and much-needed work at HSM. I remember one of the times I tried to stop, I used HSM’s forum extensively and it helped a great deal. Seed planting along the way until I finally stopped 5 years ago.

    Thank you HSM for all your incredibly hard work in providing pathways for people to reassess their relationship with alcohol, and providing tools and information to make changes, as well as your ongoing advocacy in this area. xx

    By Faye Lawrence
    December 10, 2022
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