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A big part of how we support the community and raise awareness of alcohol- related issues is through our fortnightly blog.

The HSM team are always on the lookout for blog contributions with a new angle on alcohol use.

These may be personal experiences, discussions on health matters related to alcohol, perspectives on the place of alcohol in society, or tips on establishing a better relationship with alcohol.

Whether you’re a professional writer or not, anyone is welcome to contribute! 

For more information, please download our blog guidelines here:

Our Blog:

Your story will feature in our fortnightly blog, and you can see a few examples of this below.

September 14, 2023
How to ask ‘R U Okay?’ to yourself and others
Every year, on the second Thursday of September, people around the world come together to ask a simple yet powerful question: “R U Okay?”. We explore our thoughts on this topic.
By Hello Sunday Morning
4 minutes
August 28, 2023
Making it to two years alcohol free
Kaija is a member of the Daybreak community that has reached 2 years alcohol-free! Read on to see why her second year was very different from the first.
By Hello Sunday Morning
5 minutes
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