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A big part of how we support the community and raise awareness of alcohol- related issues is through our fortnightly blog.

The HSM team are always on the lookout for blog contributions with a new angle on alcohol use.

These may be personal experiences, discussions on health matters related to alcohol, perspectives on the place of alcohol in society, or tips on establishing a better relationship with alcohol.

Whether you’re a professional writer or not, anyone is welcome to contribute! 

For more information, please download our blog guidelines here:

Our Blog:

Your story will feature in our fortnightly blog, and you can see a few examples of this below.

March 1, 2024
Is non-drinking the new normal?
In a society where socialising and celebration usually means alcohol, the choice to take time away from drinking can be tough. The good news is,
By Hello Sunday Morning
3 minutes
February 1, 2024
Trying febfast? Here Are Some Great Tips!
It’s February and you might be ready to put into place your New Year’s resolution to drink less alcohol to coincide with febfast. Events like
By Hello Sunday Morning
4 minutes
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