Mental Health Calendar

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Mental Health Month

Every day, every week, every month is the right time for tuning in and supporting our mental health and wellbeing. Right now, many people and communities require extra support to connect and cultivate resilience, hope, and recovery. This Mental Health Month is a time to move forward together to advance the narrative about mental health. We can all do this by having a conversation about the importance of looking after our own mental health and wellbeing and seeking help when needed.

Taking care of our emotional health is an important first step to take to continue supporting the important people in our lives.

This October Mental Health Month 2021, set yourself a wellbeing goal that works for you. This can be for ten minutes a day, one hour a day, or once weekly. The key is to prioritise what is important for your wellbeing. To stay motivated use our Mental Health Calendar, which has ideas and motivation for you to try every day this month.  

If you find a suggestion that is useful for you, continue to implement this beyond October. Do this for yourself, and ask your family and friends to join in.

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