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More resources to help you change your relationship with alcohol.


COVID-19 has been a hard time for us all

For many people, the last six months have been challenging, to say the least. As humans, we don’t respond well to change at the best of times, and when it happens suddenly and with limited information available, things can be even more difficult.

Thanks to HCF, we’ve included some extra resources as part of your Daybreak membership that we believe will help you deal with the stress of COVID-19 and support you to change your relationship with alcohol.

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Psychologist Briony Talks About Stress and Alcohol (Video)

Common Questions

Here are some answers to common questions we’ve gotten throughout the COVID-19 period.

How is the Rest of Australia Coping?

We also conducted some market research into Australian drinking habits during COVID-19 lockdown. 

Here is what we found: 

Market Research by: Hall & Partners

Hand-picked Blog Posts for You

Staying connected and understanding you’re not the only one struggling can be a great help. 

The blogs below give you tips and advice on how to stay on top of your drinking goals.

Isolation and alcohol dependency

Last time I went into isolation I emerged out the other side an alcoholic drinker. After a decade of total disaster in my twenties I was on the run and chose to pursue my most radical ‘geographical’ yet, right into the glorious red heart of Australia.

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COVID-19 Celebrity & Influencer Interviews

Watch some of the conversations we’ve recorded, covering topics such as mental health, alcohol change and COVID-19. 

Yumi Stynes

"Night after night of not having to drive out or go anywhere - or turn up to work the next day - it's a pretty dangerous time for all of us."

Yumi Stynes is an Australian television and radio presenter, podcaster and author. 

Rob Mills

"Use the time to reflect - I don't think we probably do that enough."

Rob Mills is an Australian actor, television host and singer-songwriter.

Osher Gunsberg

"Drinking never made a problem any better."

Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities.

Georgie Harman

"It was a year where my professional life as a CEO at Beyond Blue collided in spectacular fashion with my personal life."

Georgie Harman is the CEO of the mental health organisation, Beyond Blue.

David Campbell

"I want to be an honest husband and the best, most present father I could be. And I couldn't do that under a cloud of alcohol."

David Joseph Campbell OAM is an Australian singer, stage performer and television presenter. He is the son of singer Jimmy Barnes.

Shanna Whan

"Suddenly, the whole world is petrified about how they're going to cope without face-to-face interaction. This is our normal."

Shanna Whan is the founder and CEO of Sober in the Country — an online rural health initiative designed to raise awareness around alcohol abuse and misuse in the rural space.

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