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Highlights from the Zero Proof Festival

Here are some highlights from Australia’s first Zero Proof Festival - a month-long event held over July with live and virtual events and social posts showcasing alcohol-free habits and resources.
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Cheers to changing the Aussie drinking culture

The Mindful Drinking in Canberra City Research Project, run by Altina Drinks founders Christina and Alan, set out to understand what consumers and providers (hospitality and retailers) think of these new alcohol-free drinks, and the major barriers to increasing their availability and desirability.
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Putting a C.O.R.K in Dry July

At Hello Sunday Morning, we’re often asked how to achieve a better relationship with alcohol, and one solid first step is to try a totally dry month. But to make it a fully beneficial experience there are a few things to consider before embarking, so If you’re thinking about doing Dry July this year, we’ve got a few tips to get the most out of the experience.
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Alcohol and Men’s Mental Health

Alcohol has been an important part of our daily lives for many centuries. Across Australia, people of all ages and genders drink various amounts of
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Are Australians Drinking More During Isolation?

There’s growing evidence in the media of the effect that social distancing and home isolation will have on people’s drinking habits. Read our take on it.
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FOMO and the liquor store

You’ve probably noticed reports of panic buying in retail liquor stores. At Hello Sunday Morning, we've decided to unpack this.
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Staying Connected Through the Crisis

It's important that we stay connected throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how this relates to people who may be undergoing alcohol addiction.
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