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How to ask ‘R U Okay?’ to yourself and others

Every year, on the second Thursday of September, people around the world come together to ask a simple yet powerful question: “R U Okay?”. We explore our thoughts on this topic.
3 minutes

Drinking in Moderation vs. Being Alcohol Free

At Hello Sunday Morning and within the Daybreak community, we emphasise that understanding your own personal relationship with alcohol is the key to change. No matter what approach you decide to aim for, it is important to stay open minded to change and what is working for you. Here are some answers to common questions. 
4 minutes

Preparing to Change your Relationship with Alcohol

Making the decision to change our relationship with alcohol is a significant step. Let our chief clinical psychologist and the team take you through the stages of change model, with insightful tips and personal reflection questions.
5 minutes

Being a Positive Role Model with Alcohol

Being a Positive Role Model with Alcohol: Latest research on influencing young children. According to a groundbreaking study conducted by La Trobe University researchers last year, young children’s exposure to their parents’ alcohol consumption plays a vital role in shaping their beliefs and attitudes towards alcohol.
2 minutes

Using your off-button to stop drinking

Why is it that some people are able to stop at one drink, but others stay for five or six more? The answer is a fascinating combination of individual genetics, life experience and environmental factors.
8 minutes


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