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Managing social situations while not drinking

For some people, social anxiety makes it tough to face social situations without a drink. For others, social expectations of former drinking buddies makes a night out feel stressful and potentially full of awkward conversation.
3 minutes

What to do with relapse

Relapse is a big setback and can feel very overwhelming. Here's a few things you can do to help when you suffer a relapse.
2 minutes

Learn about alcohol

Learning more about alcohol can help us define our relationship with it’s use. 

Alcohol & shame

Why do people feel so guilty after they drink? Sarah talks about her experiences with alcohol and shame, and what she learnt from them.
4 minutes

Three ways to maintain positive change

Alcohol change is often dependent on how long people can maintain this effort. Learn more about some tips that can help you with this.
3 minutes

Sober, awkward and proud

'Sober Awkward' is a podcast that we would recommend you to check out. Learn more about it here!
5 minutes

Alcohol and junk food

Ever thought about alcohol as junk food? The CSIRO has.
3 minutes

Sitting with the grief of change

When changing your relationship to alcohol, there can be some real challenges that come in managing your identity and social relationships. Learn more about what they are.
4 minutes

Myths around alcohol

Alyssa, one of our health coaches at Hello Sunday Morning, looks at some of the myths that come up when we talk about changing our relationship with alcohol.
6 minutes


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