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My 11th Year of Recovery

James talks about the moment when he realised his alcohol use was impacting his life.
6 minutes

How does alcohol affect my sleep?

Surprisingly, we've found that many people aren't aware of how alcohol affects our sleep and energy - so here is a quick overview.
2 minutes

Learn about alcohol

Learning more about alcohol can help us define our relationship with it’s use. 

How stress and anxiety impact alcohol use

There is a lot of evidence linking stressful life events to issues later in life, including anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Read to learn more.
5 minutes

Reviewing our top four AF beers

Looking for some alcohol free beers to try? We've tried a couple, and we've reviewed them in our latest blog post.
3 minutes

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Anxiety

One of the most common issues that our members talk about is the relationship between alcohol & anxiety. Which one is the first to lead to the other, and what's the relationship between the two?
3 minutes

The Connection Between ADHD & Alcohol Dependency

Why is it that people with ADHD are so much more likely to abuse substances? The reasons become clearer when we understand the traits that are typical of people who fit this diagnosis.
8 minutes

A letter from your mates

Two-thirds of people with an alcohol usage disorder (AUD) are male, yet men make up only a third of the people who seek help about their drinking.
4 minutes

How quitting alcohol turned my life around

Simon knows how hard it can be to stop drinking. Read about his journey, how he's reframed things in a positive light and changed his mindset – ultimately changing his life.
8 minutes

Hello Christmas Morning!

Read Victoria's story – how she has handled Christmases in the past, and how she handles it today.
4 minutes


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