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Andy Moore (CEO) Reflects on 2022

With another year come and gone - what a year it has been! As I reflect on 2022, it’s clear there have been many great achievements, but there is much work that still needs to be done.
2 minutes

My Second Chance

For Emma it wasn't until she was faced with serious health challenges, was so forced to address her relationship with alcohol.
3 minutes

Drinking and my self-esteem. How I lost and won it back

For Tom, years of drinking started to take a toll on his self-esteem. Slowly he began to suspect that he had no longer been in control, but rather that alcohol was controlling him. It wasn't until once he stopped drinking - was he able to rebuild his self-esteem and build a better relationship with himself.
5 minutes

Learn about alcohol

Learning more about alcohol can help us define our relationship with it’s use. 

I’d never be a CEO with alcohol in my life

Good question. I sometimes ask myself the same thing. But one thing I know for sure. I am a better leader, a better husband and a better father without alcohol in my life.There is no way on this earth I could have moved into executive leadership and then as a CEO if drink was still in my life. The pangs of anxiety, the huge self-doubt, the procrastination – these are crippling on any day of the week but as a leader, I need to be present, I need to make difficult decisions and I need energy to do that. Alcohol robs you of these things.Don’t get me wrong, I have got a long way to go. My natural default is to crawl into a ball and hide in a corner when things get too much. I still find it hard to work through my emotions.But to feel things and appreciate things is a gift. Surely that’s something worth fighting for, right?
3 minutes

Alcohol And ADHD: A Toxic Cocktail

For Richard, decades of drinking masked an issue that prevented him from leading the life he wanted to lead, a common challenge for many drinkers. It wasn’t until he stopped drinking that he realised that alcohol was hiding ADHD.
6 minutes

Breaking the cycle – how CB quit drinking alcohol

After 5 years alcohol-free, CB thought he might be able to ‘drink responsibly’ again. So, he ordered a glass of wine to pair with his curry.That was the beginning of a 4-year rollercoaster relationship with alcohol. Read how he broke the cycle.
9 minutes

How well do you know your own drinking habits?

When it comes to understanding limits to alcohol intake, there is an assumption that it all boils down to each individual choice. There are certain things that we want to draw a hard line in the sand. Alcohol is one of them.
4 minutes


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