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Treat yourself with kindness this holiday season

The holiday season is a time of celebration and joy. It is a time for excess and indulgences. During this time, alcohol consumption can increase by 40%, meaning many people drink more than they intended.

The holiday season can also be stressful, filled with anxiety, disappointment and loneliness. High expectations from relationships, families, colleagues and friends can be confronting and challenging to navigate. During such demanding times, even the best intentions for healthy living can quickly become unstuck and some people may slip into unhealthy behaviours with alcohol use. Making it a vulnerable time full of relapse triggers.

The demands of Christmas and all the stresses that come with it can often make it challenging to step back and give yourself the understanding and compassion you need and deserve. This can keep you stuck or pull you back into the vicious cycle that stands in the way of you moving closer to your core values. 


Be empathic towards yourself, especially when encountering emotional pain, grief or loneliness.

The shared experience between a community of people moderating their alcohol consumption or maintaining sobriety allows you to lean on others who understand what you are going through. Engaging with your peer community can provide motivation and hope that progress and recovery are not only possible but sustainable. Whether committing to a healthier approach to alcohol consumption, sobriety or supporting a friend or loved one, please know you don’t have to do this alone. Be sure to reach out to the Daybreak online peer community, where you can receive support while supporting and encouraging others at the same time.

Whether you are taking a mindful approach to your alcohol consumption, especially around Christmas time, or you are in sobriety or are thinking about a change, everyone can benefit from having a personalised toolkit.
A personalised toolkit helps you build a robust self-care framework you can draw on at any time or place, no matter where you may be on your journey. It’s your personal investment in learning new ways to check in with yourself, manage difficult emotions, tolerate distress and self-soothe without alcohol.
A collection of evidence-based tips, tools and strategies you can personalise and rely on to help you navigate challenging times. These strategies provide healthy alternatives to help relieve emotional pain and shift a stressful state of mind instead of relying on alcohol to achieve that relief.
The Healthy Sober Living Toolkit can help you master the skills for managing challenges and living your life with clarity and purpose.
Remember to make yourself a priority in your own life and treat yourself with kindness. 
Thank you for being you. Go well!

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  • Excellent article especially for this time of the year. Brilliantly written and found the toolkit such a welcome addition to further help anyone struggling through their journey. Well done 👏👏👏

    December 28, 2022
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