Walking out of the FRESH office tonight, I’m confronted by the head-splitting ting of spray paint and red bull in the air.

Bar Soma is packed with hoodies and mini-skirts as Red Bull is running a graffiti comp.

I know! When I was but a boy, graffiti art was outlawed. It was the stuff the street (as in homeless – not ‘street’ as in cool) used to do to get one up on society.

Now, what was once the art of the disenfranchised, is now being enfranchised by red bull in some sort of ‘edgy image’ promotion.

Holy shit youth brands are powerful. They really can empower the unempowerable. I’m not sure that this is a good or bad thing but it really shows me something quite clearly.

We really need to build a brand that represents responsible drinking that young people feel empowered by.

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