Sex Change Campaign

A couple of the girls that work with us – Gaby, Julia and Twist (+ a couple of others from outside FRESH) came up with this great concept for campaign to build awareness for what happens when you binge drink.

Basically – when people get pissed, girls end up acting like guys with their complete lack of self-respect, nonchalance with their appearance and giving out the lovin’ to people they usually wouldn’t. Whereas guys end up becoming girls with their emotional outbursts and need for hugs. 

There is definite potential for a TVC where a guy turns into a girl and vice-versa. They end up with each-other at the end of the night. This can be supported by an experiential campaign with lipstick on the mensroom mirror and a picture of a lady-boy standing up in the ladies. haha.

Check out this article..


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  • Love it Christo!

    By Sammie
    March 15, 2009
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